And why you may need each of these in your business..

So, What IS the difference between your Facebook Personal profile, Business page, and a Facebook group?

And why you NEED to know! By knowing each of these 3 business tools you have at your disposal, you can chose where to focus most of your time & energy when building your business online.

So, lets take them 1 by one…

Facebook Personal Profile.

*In order to open a Business page or group on Facebook, FIRST you will need to have a personal profile! Once you’ve created your profile, you are free to create as many pages & groups as you wish (Although we woudn’t recommend it, stay focussed people 😉 ) 

*On a personal profile, You get to ‘Add’ friends. *You can have up to 5000 friends on your personal account, and unlimited followers (Just be sure to activate your ‘Follow’ Button, if you’re not sure how, watch this! 

*Facebooks rules mean you CANNOT sell on your personal page, so if you’re using your Facebook perosnal profie like your shop window with links & ads to your products, be warned, ‘Ole Zuck can shut you down in a heartbeat 😱

*Use your personal profile to share your personal life! Be transparent, and let people into your world 🙂

*You can only write on peoples personal newsfeeds using your personal page.

*The algorithms that Facebook seem to change all of the time, mean thatthere is a HUGE percentage of your friends that NEVER see your posts! Ouch!

Facebook Business Page.

*This is where Facebook allow you to sell! You can add products, services share links to your business, and tell the world about You.Inc

*A Business page allows others to ‘Like’ your page.

*Facebook are very much a ‘Pay To Play’ business, so no matter how many people ‘Like’ your page, only a very small percentage will actually see it, unless you pay for ads! (Less than 5%!)

*Only admins of the page can post on your business page, other people can comment on your posts, but not onto your wall. (You can post on a page, but it won’t show up in the regular newsfeed, it will be in the ‘Visitors post’ section)

Facebook Groups.

*Facebook groups are used to build your tribe, or community of people who are ALREADY interested in what you have to offer!

*You ‘Add’ people to your group after they have requested to join.

*You can set your group up so that anyone can post in your group.

*You can build your community, and offr a ‘safe’ place to share & build friendships inside of your group.

*Your group is a place where you can become a person of influence among your members, and very quickly build that all importany Know, Like & Trust factor with your members.

*If done the RIGHT way, your group can become a place to get daily leads, have red hot prospects who are ready to buy, and have people loving you & your brand, and becoming your raving fans!

* Other peoples groups are also a great way to build your network, your influence, and get close to other leaders in your niche.

Have You Even Started A Facebook Group Yet?.

Now, this is the scary part for some as they don’t even know where to start!

But don’t worry, with over 5 years of building businesses using Facebook groups into 6 figure a year goldmines, we are ready to share how we did it!

We are showing people from the ground up, how to build, engage, monitise & grow your group to build your business inside a private Facebook group, adding to our course material weekly, and having a LIVE Q&A session each week to answer questions on the trainings & assigments we share.

Don’t get left behind, Facebook groups are HUGE, ride the wave & get started TODAY building your group the RIGHT way.

See ya on the inside!

Check out our short video below for more on the differences between Facebook profiles, pages & groups!


If you’re ready to get started making a HUGE success of your Facebook group, getting daily leads, red hot prospects, sales & sign ups, then let’s get started! Our Facebook Groups Course will cover everything you need to know to get you there!  ==>Get Started TODAY<==

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