“She sure is pretty isn’t she?” swathes the car salesman as he sees you staring at the
new car you’d secretly strangle your own granny to own.

“If you like I can grab the keys and we can take it for a spin”

Suddenly finding that you’ve stumbled way beyond the comfort zone of ‘just looking’ you
try your best to look like a savvy consumer.

“What MPG does it get?” is the best you can do…

Salesman: “You know, I haven’t driven this car enough to find that out.”

“Well could you check on the manufacturer’s website for me?” Suddenly you feel you have
control back 🙂

Salesman: Well this particular manufacturer doesn’t have a website.


Salesman: Yeah, they figure that their cars are so good people should just buy without
knowing any of the details about exactly what they’re investing in.

“That’s ridiculous” Suddenly you look at the car differently.

If you can’t have information on the car before you buy then you definitely don’t want
to waste your time test driving it.

What kind of company doesn’t have a website these days?

Instantly you smell a rat.

“Thanks anyway, but I think I’ll stick to one of the more established brands.”

Sounds unlikely doesn’t it? Yet almost every day we meet people online who are desperate
to be taken seriously as business owners and entrepreneurs who haven’t gotten to grips
with the fact that they need a website of their own.

They need a blog.

So What Is a Blog and Why Do You Need One?

A blog is essentially a website that is personally branded to you, where you can send
your online audience to bond with you, and where you can deliver more value.

It’s your home online.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are essentially three steps to building a successful
business. That’s it, just three.

Miss any one of these and you’re business is kaput!

1, Attract an audience.
This is usually done using social media. After all it is where your audience hangs out.

2, Engage your audience.
This is where your blog starts to rev it’s engine. You can send your audience to your
personal blog for more info on an interesting topic.
Now you have them to yourself for a while. They’re not looking at the other posts on
Facebook. They’re checking YOU out on YOUR blog.
Give them great info and they’ll spend some quality time with you.

3, Monetise your audience.
Until you’ve engaged someone online, in other words, shown them that you know what you’re
talking about and can help solve their problems. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able
to monetise that audience effectively.
Sadly many try, then crash and burn like the Hindenburg, all the while telling themselves
that the other person was an idiot who ‘didn’t get it’.

Handling these three steps can change everything for you. And we can help show you how
to do it.

The video below will help explain this further.

Botton line; If you’re running a business and you don’t have a personalised blog, you’re
missing a huge trick.

How many industry leaders do you know of that don’t have their own blog?


We can’t think of one.

Even if they’re not big bloggers, they all have a blog.

Somewhere to hang their hat online.

And we’re not talking about a company website.

You know, one of those sites that your company has that they allow you to brand to

We’re talking about a wordpress.org based site.

Something that you actually own.

Want to be taken seriously as a leader in your niche?

Then you’d better have a blog.

If you’re not sure where to get started, we can certainly help with that.

Steven Harradine

Steven Harradine


Steve’s been earning a living from the Internet in one way or another for the last 15 years.
He decided that he no longer wanted to work in a corporate sales environment and hasn’t looked back since.

He’s dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs break out and live the life they deserve too!

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