Is your Facebook Group Dying On It’s Arse?

….As we say in the UK ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย 

There’s been an explosion of Facebook groups being created since Zuckerberg turned his attention to building groups inside of Facebook, and making yours profitable & buzzing is a skill for sure!

Lots of home business owners have set to work opening a Facebook group, adding members, and let scratching their heads… No one is commenting, no one is posting, and they certainly aren’t buying!ย 

What went wrong?

Even if your group has been going for a while, you may be suffering from the dreaded tumbleweed effect!

Lots of members, lots of lurkers ๐Ÿ˜‚

They lurk in the shadows, maybe add the occassional like, but they just don’t step out & comment, let alone interact with you or other members.

And I’d wager they aren’t buying from you either… Ouchy!

Today in our video, we are sharing our Top 3 reasons why this could be happening.


Oh, and if you want to REALLY find out how to get your group buzzing, people flocking to it, having a raving fan base that love you, with sales & sign ups coming into your business, all from inside your Facebook group, then you may want to check this outย 

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Sam x

Samantha Harradine

Samantha Harradine




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