It seems that everywhere you look these days, someone is trying to sell you something.

Never was this more true than in the online space. You only have to hop onto the internet for a moment and you'll get slapped with an ad straight to the face!

No messing about.

The Secret To Selling More Stuff Online

And if you're actually in the online marketing space...Ooof Maron...fuggedagoutit!
(sorry...been watching The Sopranos!)

I mean, I get that in order to make some moolah online you've got to sell stuff but does it have to be so "in your face?"

Does that even work anyway?

Does The "Here's What I've Got" Method Work?

Back in the day (boy...I sound old when I say that!) everyone was a little less guarded about the sales process.

We all knew it happened but most of us would expect it. Mostly because we only got it when we were in a shop or looking to be sold to.

As avertisers have figured out new and cunning ways to advertise to us online (Read: everywhere!) we have evolved to be on our guard all the time.

The moment we're contacted by someone on the internet, if we don't actually know them, our first thought runs to "what are they gonna try to sell me?". Tell me I'm lying!

Then, the moment you even look like you're getting ready to pitch something, the person you're talking to is already working out their escape plan and reeling off the reasons they don't want it in their head.

It's normal human behavior. It's programmed into us.

You can't change it...

You can only work with it.

In the video below I'll cover how to get around this approach and actually 'sell' more stuff online.

I put the word sell in brackets because the truth is, it won't feel like selling at all, to you or the person you're 'selling' to.

Check out the video below.

The Secret To Selling More Stuff Online

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