Social media prospecting or approaching your friends & family.. Which is better?

So, you’ve chosen your MLM company you’re going to make a fortune with, You’ve found ‘THE’ sponsor who will help you get there, and you’re ready to take the leap into getting people onto you team and you’re thinking about hitting up your friends and family. Maybe even try a little Social Media sponsoring if the mood takes ya!

Now this is going to be the easy bit, right?

You see your sponsor is having HUGE success, you see others  signing up people, and selling product day in, day out, It’s going to be a breeze for you, right?

Well…. Maybe.

But if you’ve been in network marketing for more than a week, you know that this just doesn’t happen.

Within that week, you’ve probably pissed off half your family & most of your friends by pitching & nagging them into joining you.

When your friends see you walking down the street, they are quickly crossing the road & avoiding all eye contact just in case you whip out the samples & start pitching them with your latest venture!!

We’ve all been there!!

But fear not!!!

I have written this blog post just for YOU!

I know the frustrations of not being able to sponsor people into my business. I know the dread at approaching my friends & family to join the next amazing business I have become a part of.

I know just how hard it can all be without the right mindset, training, and the MOST important thing of all, the ATTRACTION factor!

Social Media Prospecting Ultimate Guide

So, this is gonna go DEEP, I want to take you on a journey with me through the minefield of prospecting for your business.

I’ll cover all the nitty gritty info that others don’t want to share! I’ll lay it out, with no BS, no fluff, just hardcore facts, and strategies that WORK!

OK, buckle up my prospecting partners, let’s take a ride that will change your business forever… Hold onto your hats!!

What your upline WILL tell you…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure when your uplines are telling you these things, they have good intentions.

But sadly, lots of uplines are stuck in old NM ways. Ways that would have worked a few years ago when THEY came into the business.

But times move on… and FAST!!

Just think about poor old Blockbusters! They had the market for movies sewn up… or so they thought!

Netflix approached them with a better way to market their products. But as Blockbuster were stuck in their ‘Old’ ways, did they listen?

We all know the answer…

NOPE, they sure didn’t!

Poor Old Blockbuster has gone belly up, because they didn’t move with the times! Ouch!!

And the new kid on the block, Netflix, how’s that doing?

Oh yeah, seems to be doing ok…. 😉

Who are you going to aspire to be like? Choose your corner… Netflix.. Or Blockbuster…

Ding Ding, round one!

Let’s go through a few things that your upline may be telling you, and lets have a look at why they may not be working for you..

Make a list of friends and family.

The Dream…

That will be your first job.

Go through your contacts, your phone book, your old school friends you haven’t spoken to in 20 years, your kids friends mums, the football/soccer team’s Mums, neighbours, just about ANYONE you know, and get those names on that list!!!

Let all of your friends & family know about this amazing company you have joined, the products they have, and how they can earn money by joining you!

Heck, they will even give you scripts to message people with or say when you meet them!  

Ohhh, the list, now this HAS to be where the money is, right!!

I hear it all the time, the money is in the list… Could this be what people are talking about?

The Reality…

Err, no, sorry!!

Probably the best use for the list you have just made would be to throw it on the fire & keep yourself warm.

This method just WON’T work!!

SAM… I hear you shout, surely all of my friends & family will be desperate to buy this amazing …Fill in the blanks… and join me in making thousands of pounds a week… Who wouldn’t want in on that!

Well, I can tell you right here & now, If you have a list of 100 friends & family, and you tell them all about your new biz, pretty much most of them will have no clue what you’re going on about.

Some may feign an interest because they love ya, some may become a customer & buy a few products.

Heck, some people may even join you as they see how fired up you are…

But will they stay? Will they keep buying?

Chances are , probably not!

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, I told you I was going to give you the Non fluffy, no BS version right!

This is just stating the facts. If you want fluffy & want me to tell you this is going to be easy peasy, then click off NOW!!! Go read some Mills & Boon for your romantic notion fix!

Ready for more Myths… Then read on…

You only need to recruit 2 people, who recruit 2 people…

The Dream…

It’s that easy!! Yup, just get out there, and remember that list, well everyone will want to join you, but you only need 2 people, because they will then get 2 people, who will get 2… You get the picture…

Now isn’t this a great way to make a full time income online! All I have to do is find 2 people to join me & I’m set!

Pass me a cocktail, and let’s take the rest of the year off!!

The Reality…

You may get a few people joining , HOORAY!!! Congratulations!

But don’t start booking that cruise just yet… There’s work to be done!

Y’see, those people who are joining you, are they seeing the cash flowing to them easily & without effort, have they been sold on the same dream that you were, that all they need to do is make that list, and get 2 people join them…

If so, things could get ugly ☹

If those joining you are now moving forward with their list, they are going to run into the same problems as you did.

If they can’t get people buying product or joining them, they are going to get frustrated & annoyed that they aren’t making any progress..

Then one by one the team you had will drift away…

YIKES, Back to square one of getting my 2 recruits… and so it goes on!

The retention rate in ANY business is low!!

Your aim is to KEEP filling that funnel ALL of the time!

If you KNOW that people will drop out, be prepared for that, and ALWAYS be adding people to your team!
The trick is, to keep finding prospects, but more importantly, the RIGHT prospects!!

Ahhh, now we’re getting somewhere!

Stick around, as I will be going into depth on this subject, all in good time…all in good time 😉

Enter most folks idea of Social Media Sponsoring…

Just share your links on Social Media…

The Dream…

Just take the company links, product pictures, and share, share, share!

Post them on your wall, and everywhere else you can!

Change your profile picture & cover picture to show the company logo & products, heck, why not even change your Facebook profile name to include the company name…

This will have people running to you to place orders & join!

You can go one step further, we will give you scripts to send to people you don’t know, just PM them via FB with our script, and a link, and you’re all set!!

The Reality…

OUCHY!!!! Now this REALLY makes me cringe!

I know this is happening as I speak to people EVERY DAY, and their uplines are advising them to do this!!

We call this ‘Repulsion Marketing’

Because all you’re gonna do Is repel people, send them running away from you as if their hair is on fire, and you’ll probably lose friends & family on social media by doing these things ☹

PLEASE, for your reputation, for the reputation of the Network marketing industry, and for your bank balance, read on, there is a better way!
Always be recruiting…Talk to EVERYONE

The Dream…

Standing at the checkout, you strike up a conversation with the person in front, and they come join your team.

Browsing in your local book store, you find others in the same section as you, they HAVE to be interested in your biz, right?

Going to your children’s sports events, well there will be a whole host of eager parent s there, ALL wanting to make extra money too!!

At the gas station, at the bus stop, in the dentist, I could go on! Your upline will tell you there’s always a prospect within 3 feet of you!

I’m about to burst that bubble again… Here I go…

The Reality…

All of those people you meet in your every day life, the chances of any of them wanting to join your biz is practically zero,  especially if you’re telling them whilst packing shopping bags or browsing for their next read!

You may walk away with people thinking you’re a bit Cray Cray…. But that’s probably about all!

You will be forever hunting new places to go, to find ‘The One’ whilst current friends and family run the other way when they see you walking down the high street.

All of this leg work is going to just end up on a one way street to you throwing your hands in the air & giving up!!

Frustrated, still not earning a penny, or getting any recruits.

Ahh well, must be the company… My upline, the products, I’ll move on to something else!!

Sound familiar?

Stick around, I PROMISE I’m going to show you a better way!!

What your upline WON’T Tell You

You’re gonna piss people off!

There, I said it!

Not gonna give you any BS, as this WILL happen!

While pitching, showing samples, throwing your links all over social media,  people will be pissed with you.

If you practice ‘Repulsion’ marketing, this WILL happen.

If you chase, pitch & nag friends & family, this WILL happen.

It doesn’t have to be this way…. All will be revealed!

Most Uplines won’t share the strategies that are ‘Really’ working for them

They will share the methods above, they may give you some pointers on how to use social media platforms, but they won’t share everything with you.

But you shouldn’t expect them to!

This is YOUR business, and you need to invest the time & money in yourself to learn these skills, and skills they are!

Your sponsor or upline is NOT responsible for you. So if you go into your NM business with your eyes wide open, then you won’t be disappointed.

Most People Quit!

Ouch! That’s gonna hurt, but better to be honest with you than sugar coat it… I’m not Willy Wonka 😉


People come into the industry with huge ideas & dreams, Then the reality comes crashing down on them that it’s NOT as easy as they think, there is hard work to do, so they quit on themselves.

90 days is the average for people to stay. Not because of the company/comp plan/upline / downline/
it’s because they haven’t mastered the essential skills needed…. One of which is Prospecting!!

That’s why it’s IMPERATIVE that you learn these prospecting skills so that you are continually adding new people to your team!

If some drop out, there will always be more behind them!

You WILL have to step out of your comfort zone!

If you’re an entrepreneur, you already know this! But lots of people think they can come into an online / network marketing business, post a few links, and they are set for life.

This business venture of yours WILL require you stepping WAY outta your comfort zone!


‘Cos that’s where the MAGIC happens!!

Sounds like a cliché, but we are living proof that this works!

I’d be happy to chat more about this if you want to connect with me on Facebook! Let’s Chat!

A quick summary…

Well I hope we don’t have you running scared at this point!

We never want to put you off your MLM or your online biz, we LOVE what we do, and wouldn’t be doing anything else.

We just wanted to show people the harsh realities of the business, what to expect, and why most people fail.

Let’s face it, after spamming your friends & family, and having them ignore your messages & avoiding your calls, it’s gonna be really awkward showing up to your Nan’s Birthday party, having pitched , nagged & chased most of the other guests in the last few months!


But Ta-da—- I’m going to put my super hero cape on now…. Hang on..

Help is at hand!!

I’m going to hand hold you through a much better way of ATTRACTING people into your business.

ATTRACTING people to buy your products.

ATTRACTING people to reach out to YOU to ask YOU more!

Heck, I’m even going to show you where you can go find these people!

Then I’ll walk you through what to say to them, how to share your business with them, and how to get them signed up Lickety Split!!

Are you ready…. Let’s begin!

Where To Find Prospects!

Shhhh…. Now this is the part most people WON’T tell you.

People are afraid that you will go & get all of their potential prospects.

People are afraid you will take everyone for yourself…

Hang on a minute…

With over 7.5 billion people on the planet, and approx.. 11 thousand people JUST in the US , turning 18 every day, and old enough to join an MLM or home business, I think it’s safe to say there will be enough people out there for everyone 😉

So, with that said, I’m going to share with you some of our favourite places to go connecting with potential prospects!

Networking Groups:

If you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or G+, there are lots of networking groups, go join them!!

These are FILLED with people in your niche, and are a hive of activity.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of spam groups out there too, but these also have a purpose, so get joining those too!

We post valuable content in these groups, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we always want to be offering value, no matter where we post.

There are a lot of other people in your niche also posting in there too. When they see your name always popping up in their notifications, they can’t help but notice you!  I have made lots of friends & business connections this way!

If you do FB lives, or regular recorded videos, post them in these groups. You just never know who is watching you!

Post your tips & advice in there.

Inspirational & motivational quotes are always good too!

Just get inside them, and become a valuable member!

Friendship Ladders

Now these are awesome for networking & making new friends!

But, Full Disclosure…. You could land yourself in Facebook Jail!!

Add too many friends, and FB will smell a rat if this isn’t what you normally do!

So you got to take it easy here! (You can read my blog post on how to stay out of FB jail >>here<<)

So, when these networking groups have friendship ladders going on (ladies groups are especially good at this, and if you can’t find any, start one yourself in a group!) Add your name, and make lots of new friends (Again, please take it easy here, and only add a few an hour!)

Now, here’s where the magic happens.

Don’t just send them a friend request!

That’s the lazy marketers way of doing things!

Go check out their profile, find something there that you may have in common, children, pets, where you live, there’s always something you can find, then drop them a message!

Let them know you’ve sent a friend request, and comment on the thing you have found in common!

Most people never bother to do this, so you will be standing out from all of the others who will be sending friend requests!

Instant rapport building!

We will cover more later in the blog how to handle the conversation form this, to talking about your opportunity… We got ya covered!

Leaders Pages & Groups In Your Niche

Whatever your niche is, there will be thousands of Facebook pages & groups where you can find a people who are already like the same thing as you do, heck they are already fans of the same page!

So make the most of it!
To connect with people on these pages, I would be very active on there, like lots of the posts, leave great comments, and respond to other peoples comments.

These types of interactions typically result in people sending your friend requests, reaching out to you via a PM, and wanting to know more about you!

Works like a charm!

There is also a tutorial here  on how to make a lot of connections on mass, without getting into trouble with the FB police!

Friend Requests

Once you start networking in the right way, those friend requests will start coming in thick and fast, make sure you’re utilizing them in the BEST way!

Before accepting a friend request, pop over to their profile & get a good feel if they are even a fit for our business, or if they are someone I can learn from, and would be a good connection.

There’s lots of things to look at when you get to this point, you don’t want to be just accepting anyone!

Adding friends who will never comment on your posts or interact with you will actually HARM your account, so choose wisely!

A few things I check for:

1.    Are they a ‘Real’ person. Check their name, the look of their account, you will get vibe from it for sure!
2.    Do they have a profile picture of them? If so, can you see them, do they look like someone you want to work with?
3.    Is their profile public or closed? If it’s closed, there’s a good chance they aren’t serious about their business, I tend to move on from people closed profiles very quickly!
4.    When was the last time they posted an update? If it’s more than a week ago, I move on! I only want active people on my friends list who are going to engage with me & my content! If they aren’t posting, they most likely aren’t engaging either!
5.    What can you help them with? People’s profiles say an awful lot about them, and if you dig deep, you’ll find posts that will give away their pains, and how your business/product/opportunity can help them!
6.    Would these people have the time/money to join me or buy from me? I have a lot of requests from people from very deprived parts of the earth, accompanied with begging letters for me to contribute to their churches or missions. Are these people going to be a fit for my business? Not in a million years. I question if most of them are 100% genuine, as there are a lot of people scamming for money out there, so I decline these friend requests for sure!

We will cover further down what to say when sending friend requests. All I will say at this point is PLEASE READ ON…

When sending messages, there’s ways of building rapport, and there’s ways of annoying the heck out of people.

How do I know? Because before I learned how to do it the RIGHT way, I was the one who sent those annoying messages that would get me removed as a friend & blocked!!!

In our next section we will cover all of that for you.

Building Your Friends & Followers on Your Personal Profile

Ahhh, now this is the part I love to teach, as you can get massive results, in a very short space of time using these methods!

But rather than tell you how I do this, how about I SHOW you exactly how I do it?

If you’re ready to see how I do this, watch this short video where I will show you how I do it!


Orchestrate Your Timeline.

I LOVE this part!

And most people skip this bit, but when you’re out prospecting on Facebook, or any social media platform for that matter, your timeline is your online CV!!!

Your timeline will tell a person within seconds if you are someone of value, and if you will be able to help them in their business.

If not, they will quickly click off & move on to the next person!

This is a HUGE takeaway, and a hard pill to swallow, but once you’re at ease with this, things will get easier….

‘People are ONLY interested in what YOU can do for THEM’

They really don’t care what your shakes are made of, what your products do or do not contain, your comp plan, your company’s growth in the last year.

NONE of that matters to them!

They just want to know… How am I going to get THOSE results!

For example, if you are in health & wellness, people just want to know you can help them lose weight.

If you’re in Beauty, they just want to know how you can make them look beautiful so they can meet the perfect guy/look good in front of an ex/look good at the school reunion.

If you’re in the online business education niche, people want to know how you are getting leads, making money, and getting recruits join you.

You get the picture!

So, never make your timeline a product catalogue for your company!

Instead, fill it with VALUE!!

Things that people can use in their business to help THEM!

Share before & after’s if you have products that that merit this.

Share your results! This is GOLDEN!! People love to see the results you are having, it positions you as a leader, and shows other people you have the knowledge to get them where THEY want to be!

If you don’t have results just yet, leverage other peoples results results!!

Just be honest with your audience, and say

‘My friend has been using this XYX… And look at her results! If you’d like to know more, drop me a comment below or message me!

Your giving credit to the person who’s getting results using the same system/products you are promoting, and if people get in touch with you, you can show them how it’s done!

Simple, and very effective!

There’s an 80/20 rule, but on my personal timeline, I make it a 90/10 rule!

80% is just value, value, value!

Only 10% of the time do I outrightly talk about my business or leave a link. When I do leave a link, it’s only ever for things that would benefit my audience, trainings, free giveaways, etc.

Facebook Lives are also another great way of connecting with your audience!

People will only buy or join others they Know Like & Trust, and showing up LIVE on peoples newsfeeds every day will speed this process up & get people LOVING you & your content!

If you’re not already doing FB lives, I really suggest you get started; your business will change beyond recognition if you can be consistent with this!

You want to make your timeline so packed with value, and showing YOU as the leader, that when you start chatting to people, they will go to have a look at your timeline (And they will, most people love to find out more about you!) and they will be able to see straight away you are a person who can help them, guide them, and will show them the way!

So, in summery, There’s lots of ways here that you can find potential prospects on Facebook, and other social media platforms, and ways you can make yourself so appealing that people will be compelled to reach out to you to find out more!

That’s all fantastic…. But what should you say to them?

Read on, we have you covered for this too!

What To Say To Prospects

Now we get to the part where most people run away from!

YIKES, you mean I actually have to TALK to people?

‘Fraid so, but this is what is going to build your business the quickest, get you the sales & recruits you’re looking for, and have the business you’ve been promised.

When we first came into the MLM world, we hadn’t ever done prospecting before, what madness was this?

But you soon come to realize that prospecting is the LIFEBLOOD of your business, and this will be the quickest way to build your team, and your bank balance!

After we immersed ourselves in training on how to do this the right way, things started changing, and FAST!!

Now it’s something we love to teach to our team, our audience, and via our trainings!

This process has changed our business forever, as long as it’s done in the RIGHT way!

So let’s go through some do’s & don’t when speaking to prospects.

The thing NEVER to do!

I have 2 rules when it comes to prospecting that I share with ALL of my coaching clients & team members.

1.    NEVER send your link on the first message.

Heck, don’t send it at all!! You never want to let potential prospects go off wandering on their own!
  I’m going to share with you our process, and how we avoid sending company links!

2.    NEVER use scripts!

Most companies have them, the script they advise you send to your prospects, it has all of the details anyone should need, along with a link!

Well that’s both of my rules broken right there!!

These NEVER work! And here are a few reasons why!

People are not stupid; they can tell this is a cookie cutter message that gets sent out to everyone!

Most people don’t even bother to use your name, so no rapport building at all!

These scripts have not taken into consideration any of the prospects needs, wants or desires! To really reach your prospect, you need to understand this before you ever try to help them with your product or service!
Sending these types of messages is like vomiting your company & products all over the prospect! They haven’t asked for all of this information, heck they have only just accepted your friend request, and there you go throwing up in their inbox with your copy & paste script.

Take time to get to know your prospect!

This is a crucial part of the process.

How can you ever offer your prospect what they need if you haven’t spent time getting to know them?

Awww no, that’s going to take forever….

Nope, not at all!

You can pretty much find out what you need to know from a person’s timeline!

Go find out what’s important to THEM!

What are they posting about the most, do they have children, Grandchildren, pets. Do they like to travel, are they struggling.

Lots of these questions can be answered before you even send them a message!

Then, when you get an overview of them, take one thing, and send them a message!

You can make it about their kids, their pets, where they live, their cover picture, ANYTHING that they have an interest in, and you have a genuine interest in too, strike up a conversation about it!

Don’t ever be fake at this point, you want to be genuine, so chose something you can have a conversation about!

Personality Colours!

This will serve you well when you are steering the conversation a bit later on!

Everyone has a colour, or mix of colours in their personalities.

The broad strokes are:

Greens are very analytical & like to be alone.
Blues are fun loving & love recognition.
Reds are money driven & determined
Yellows are the nurturers, the ‘Mother’ figures & will take care of everyone.

I could go on for hours about the different colour personalities, If you want a brief overview, check out our Quick Guide here:

When having these conversations, it’s always good to know what colour personality you are talking to so you best know what will appeal most to people!

Uncover this, and the steps after this will be much easier for you! We will explain more in a bit!

How to handle the conversation

The rule of thumb here is, whoever is asking the questions is taking charge of the conversation.

So, as you are trying to get to know the better to see if they are a good fit for your business, YOU want to be the one asking the questions!


Never lead with ‘So what business/ MLM company are you with’

Hand up, full disclosure, I used to do this!

And the reason I know now not to ever do it is because the other person thinks that’s an open opportunity to pitch you!!

They think ‘Awesome, this person is interested in my biz… Then go into full pitch mode! At this point, you have already lost them, as they are busy telling you about how wonderful their company is!

So, from personal experience, you wanna avoid this at all costs!

What do I say?

So, after you’ve been chatting about the person’s dog/child/where they live, you want to start bringing the conversation into line with your purpose, which is to be able to help them solve their problem with your solution!

So, you want to get to their pain that they are having as quickly as possible, so that you can offer a solution!

But how do you do this in a genuine, helpful way?

You ask questions, they need to be open questions, that they will feel compelled to answer you, and they will help you gather more information about them in order to help them the best!

Now there’s a lot of different questions you can ask at this point, but make sure you get to the pain as quickly as possible! You don’t want to ask them 100 questions and get nowhere, ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

We have compiled a list of 50 top questions, with a little help from some of our other prospecting friends, on great questions that you can ask your prospect!

If you’d like this check list of questions, you can get it here

These questions are designed to uncover the person’s pain, so you can really see where you can help with your products or services.

**If you uncover a problem that you really can’t help with, always put the person in touch with someone who can! These kinds of gestures will always come back to repay you twice over**

When asking these questions (Again, I must stress, don’t go ahead and ask them ALL of the questions lol! Just chose a few that you feel are natural to ask while you’re chatting!) You’ll be gathering lots of information about this person. Take notes, this will help you later on!

Make sure you REALLY listen to them! Don’t be ready to jump in with an answer every time they tell you a problem.

Let them speak.

Let them tell you the pains & problems they are having in their business.

People LOVE to talk about themselves!

Just make sure it’s not YOU doing all of the talking, as this will turn your prospect off FAST!!

While chatting, this would be the time I would suggest getting on a quick 5-minute FB call.

These types of calls are non threatening, no one has to give their number out, and you are already being seen as a confident, they are sharing their problems with you, and you want to help them with a solution!

Most people will say yes at this point!

People NEED help, most people don’t know where to find it, and you’re offering to get on a call with them to help them!

Who wouldn’t say yes at this point!

The 5 minute Facebook Call

Make sure it really is only 5 minutes! You want the prospect to know you value their time, as well as your own, so keep it brief!

Once people see you in the flesh, something magical happens, and they will feel even more drawn to you, and you’ve just taken time out to chat to them, they will be thrilled!

So, at this point, let them know you have something that you’re involved with, that you think may be able to help them!

Project them into the future with your solution! Paint a picture of how your solution is going to make a huge difference in their life/business etc.

If they are enjoying what they are hearing, now would be the time I would offer to show them around the back office of my system, so they could see exactly what we have to offer, how it could work for them, and why the need to be a part of it.

We do this using a service called link

At this point, I would say I do have a spare 15 minutes before my next call, so can show you now, or we can schedule something in later today, as I have a lot of other people I’m showing this to today.

People hate to feel left out!!

If they want the zoom call there & then, great! Just set up the meeting & send them the link


Using Your discovery questions & colour analysis
Now, remember when we were asking those questions, and determining what colour our prospect was, this is where it all falls into place!

When showing people on screen your opportunity, and what will help them with their problems, you want to make sure you address their NEED, the one they would have been telling you about.

You also want to address it according to what colour personality they are!

Now if you’re prospect appears to be a blue, they will love the adulation, the awards, the social side of your company!

So, show them leader boards, get them to picture their name being on there. Show them other people getting their awards, being on stage, THIS is what will appeal to a blue!!

Now a red, well they will just want to know the fastest way they can make money, and how they can become a leader inside the company! So lead with the earning potential, how they can achieve these goals, and get involved with the company, FAST!!!

These questions & colour traits will help you no end when showing people the different aspects of your business.

A green won’t care about the social gatherings, they probably wouldn’t show up anyway, just let them get their hands on the comp plan & they will be happy to analyze this & get to grips with the numbers!!

A yellow won’t want the adulation a blue does, they are more interested in helping others, so if your company supports a charity, you’ll want to mention this to them!

Again, these are very broad strokes, the more you do this, the more you will learn about people, their personalities, and how you can help them.


Your first few attempts at this may be a disaster. Don’t worry! Move on!

Every person you speak to will give you new lessons, and help you learn new ways that will help you.

Those experiences  where I really messed up helped me learn for next time!

Did I make them again? Nope!! I may have made other mistakes, but that’s OK, that is part of the learning process, and has helped me to carve out my process.

I am ALWAYS learning, tweaking, and adding to what I do!

How to overcome objections

Whoa there Sam I can hear the cry! I’m not salesy. I don’t want to be convincing people, I’m just not built that way!

The first thing I’ll say is that yes, at times you will have to handle some folks objections.

Don’t worry though, it’s not like you have to shine a light in their eyes and tie them up with piano wire!

The reason we work so hard on building rapport with our prospect is because that’s where 80% of the sale is made.

If you’re having to work hard to close a prospect, it’s because you skipped a step in your rapport building process.

The reason this part can make some people feel uneasy is because on a primitive level many people feel like they’ve entered a turf war, that somehow they’ve got to outsmart their opponent to get the upper hand!

I tend to look at things a little differently here, and I suggest that if you’re not doing this yourself, maybe it’s time to start.

You see I believe so strongly in the company and products that I promote that if I present to somebody and they tell me they don’t want to join me, I feel like I’ve let them down.

I feel like I didn’t do a good enough job of helping that person see the benefits that I’m currently enjoying and how it could help them, and it makes me want to help them even more.

So I’ll put up some resistance to their excuses because I KNOW that I have something that they can benefit from.

That said, if I meet someone that really wouldn’t benefit from my offering (and it hasn’t happened yet) then I’ll just be happy for them and move on to the next person.

This leads me to point 1

Is your prospects reason for not joining you an ‘excuse’ or a ‘condition’?


Trust me, stay at this long enough and you’re going to hear all sorts of reasons why a person can’t join you in your business.

You’ll get good at spotting excuses with experience but sometimes it really is a condition.

Take for example the old favourite ‘I don’t have the money’.

Most of the time this will be a prospects go-to excuse if they’re not seeing the value in your proposition, but sometimes it will be true.

I recently spoke with a guy that had all of his bank cards frozen, his accounts were about to be cancelled and he’d just lost his job, all because he’d bought into a scam and it really burned him.

That’s a condition. Even though he loved what he was hearing, there was no way he could join my business because he had a finite amount of cash only to look after his family. He couldn’t even use a card.

This will be a fairly rare occurrence but it’s important to try to make the distinction.

Usually if someone’s not feeling the value of the proposition you’re presenting, they’ll throw you the ‘I don’t have the money’ line as a way of getting rid of you.

What they’re really saying is ‘I’m afraid of losing my money, I don’t see how this can work for me’.

It’s very rarely actually about the money. They just haven’t seen the value of your offering to outweigh the value of their money.

Take the money out of the equation.

If you had the money, would you see an opportunity for yourself here?” or “OK, I hear you, but if money wasn’t a problem, do you see the value in what I’ve shown you?

99% of the time your prospect will say yes. If they say no then you’re about to find out what their REAL objection is, and that’s great because ‘no’ is where real negotiation starts.

If you have a prospect that’s honest enough to tell you what they don’t like then you can have a real conversation based on those objections.

Most of the time though, you’ll hear them say ‘yep, it looks great, but I just don’t have the money’.

Now it’s our time to help them find the money.

Don’t be afraid to repeat back to them all the reasons they were looking for an opportunity when we were building rapport. All the dreams they said they wanted to fulfill.

Remind them of why they need to change their behavior to reap different results.

Remember, if you really believe in your product or service and you really believe it will serve your prospect, it’s your duty to give them every opportunity to join you in your business.

Help them to see where they can conjure the money from if they are sincere about seeing the value in your proposition.

Trust me, if they lost their mobile phone today, or their TV blew up, they would have a new one within 48 hours. They would find the money from somewhere.

People can be very resourceful when they have a reason to be.

Our job is to give them a reason.


Another common objection is ‘I don’t have the time.’

Again this is generally because they’re not seeing the benefit in what you’re showing them.

People make time for what’s important to them.

For example, if I said ‘Take 3 hours to shoot a video and 100% guaranteed, you’ll get $500 per month, month in, month out’ do you think they’d find those 3 hours from somewhere?

Now I’m not making any income claims here but I’m just saying that if a prospect can see the pay off, they’ll find the time.

It’s really important to remember that we’re not selling at the close. We’re just bringing things to a conclusion.

By the time we get to the close, we’ve either done a good job of showing the value to our prospect or we haven’t.

If we’re constantly getting stubborn objections at the close it’s because we skipped a step earlier on.

It reminds me of a great story I heard related in a training a while ago.

A salesman is being berated for not closing enough sales by his manager. The salesman complains “I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make it drink!

Quick as a flash his manager quips back “your job is not to lead them to water, your job is to make them thirsty!

That’s our job, to make our prospects thirsty.

Another objection you’ll hear is ‘I have to talk it over with my spouse or partner

This one you have to handle with a bit of care. If you allow that prospect to get off that call to tell their spouse or partner about your opportunity, here’s what’ll happen;
They’ll half ass the presentation, telling their spouse only half of the story.

It’s not their fault. On average people will only retain around 30% of what they’ve heard and won’t be able to repeat it back the way you presented it.

The spouse is going to hear only a fraction of the benefits with even less of the passion and conviction that you presented it with.

Then they’ll cut straight to the ‘How much?

I guarantee they’ll balk at the price when they’re told because the spouse will have done a crappy job of making them thirsty.

Your follow up call will be postponed and you’ll waste your time chasing that prospect to see what their partner said, even though you know they’re avoiding you because it’s a ‘no thanks‘.

The only way you can afford to concede to this objection is if you get a promise that your prospect will join you on another presentation call with their spouse and not breathe a word of what the presentation is about to their partner beforehand.

That way you may just have a chance to encourage the partner/spouse to join you in the business.

This rarely happens though because as soon as someone says to their partner ‘I want you to join me on a call’ you know the next question is ‘what’s it about?

People can never resist blabbing and half-assing the info you worked hard to deliver so well.

I’ll usually go with a question such as “if you’re out shopping and you see something of that value that you know you need for your household, do you have to call your partner for permission?

If the answer is no, then proceed with signing them up,

If the answer is yes, you can go with something like this “you know the difference with this scenario is that if your partner doesn’t like what you’ve done, they may be a little upset, but don’t forget there’s a 30 day no risk unconditional money back guarantee on this offer. If your partner is unhappy, you’ll get your money back no problem, and it’s easier than having to return something to the store”.

If they really won’t budge then move to try to get them back with their partner on a call together, but this is not optimal.

Obviously it’s impossible to cover every scenario and offer a retort for every objection in this blog post but hopefully this has given you a taste of how to deal with a few common objections.

If you want to be a master closer than you’ll love this. It taught me a lot about building rapport with prospects and when to move to the next phase, which is the part that most people get wrong and then struggle to bring that person into their business.

So there you have it, my guide to Social Media prospecting. Now I know I called this the ultimate guide, and it should be viewed as exactly that…a guide.
I’m not suggesting that here isn’t more to learn. We’re all perpetual students in this business but hopefully this post has given a few guidelines on what NOT to do as much as what has worked for us in our business.

If you’d like to know more about how we use Social Media to build our business, or how we can help you to put a plan together then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you.

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She does have a ton of money and time freedom though.

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Likewise please leave a comment below and tell me of the success (or struggle) you’re having with your Social Media marketing right now, I’d love to hear all about it.

Hopefully you got value from this post. If you did, here’s what to do next.


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Samantha Harradine

Samantha is a Social Media fanatic with a passion for Facebook. She has built large audiences and groups using Social Media and attraction marketing strategies.

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