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Let’s be clear…

Recommending products to your audience can be a risky business.
I mean, you work so hard to gain the trust of your audience, making videos, writing blog posts, sending emails, and the list goes on.

Recommend a crappy product that you haven’t used, or don’t know the creator of the product (and know that they over-deliver in value) and that trust that you worked so hard to build just went down the chute! 😫

That’s why we only recommend products and services that we have experience with and KNOW they’re going to blow-you-away with the quality of the content and the amount of value that they deliver.

Heck…these are the tools we have used (and still do) to build our business…every day.

So with that said, check out a few of our trusted go-to resources that have had a massive impact on our business and who we have become as people. We’re sure they will have a big impact on you too.

For Starters…

There are a few essential tools that you simply must have if you’re going to build a business online. One of those tools is an email autoresponder service. Since we started our business we have relied on Aweber for communicating with our email list of followers. They’ve never let us down.
If Aweber isn’t what you fancy, Getresponse is also an excellent choice.

For presenting to prospective clients we prefer to use as it’s an excellent tool that allows us to do screen share presentations anywhere in the world. You can present for up to 45 minutes using their free account and also record presentations and trainings, it’s an awesome service.

Most of the other tools, such as lead capture page builders, your own blog, themes, a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), not to mention the best community of online marketers anywhere on the planet are all included in your MLSP membership, so definitely check that out.

So below we’ve laid out a few of our most favouritest 😊 courses and resources that we know you will love.


My Lead System Pro

MLSP has been the cornerstone of our business ever since we were introduced to it. This tools and training platform has produced more leaders in the online attraction marketing niche than any other system since it’s inception in 2008. MLSP membership is the one thing we recommend above all else!

Attraction Marketing Intensive

This flagship course from marketing legend and all-round awesome chic Diane Hochman is required viewing if you’re looking to build a brand and a following online. It will save you Thousands of Dollars and countless hours of frustration and time wasted trying methods that just don’t work.

The 3 Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition

You’ve probably been told that you need a blog – it’s your home online.
Who better to lead you through how to build your blog into a money sucking machine than 7 figure earner Ray Higdon himself. Ray’s training is the unfair advantage for bloggers…period!

Social Retargeting Pro

Jesse Jameson runs one of the largest and most successful Facebook marketing agencies in Texas. What he doesn’t know about FB retargeting isn’t worth knowing and it’s something you absolutely should be doing if you want to increase the earnings from your website. Jesse holds nothing back!

Twist Your List

Diane Hochman is a housewife who makes 7 figures…by sending emails!
Who better to teach us how to connect with our email list, advise us on what letters to send them and how they should be structured. This training blew us away (yes we did buy it!) If you’ve ever been stuck for what to write in an email, Twist Your List will cure that forever!

Conquer Social Media

Lisa Torres is an absolute tour-de-force when it comes to building a successful business online from home. She has recruited over 250 people into her business in the last year alone using Facebook without spending a dime on ads! Lisa is a master at nurturing relationships on social media and shows you everything you need to model her success in conquer social media.

Audience Building Secrets

Mark Harbert was dead broke when he first started online. He had to split the cost of a $10 e-book with his pal because neither had enough by themselves. Recently he had his first $100k DAY! Want Mark to show you his system for bringing in 35+ leads every single day? Of course you do…

Immediate Yes Formula

Cesar Rodriguez is an 11 year veteran of network marketing and one of our mentors. if you are presenting to prospects and getting more no’s than yes’s, then it’s time to check out the Immediate Yes Formula. It’s one of the best investments we have made in ourselves and has paid for itself many times over! Remember, if you didn’t close them, they closed you!

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