​Many of us spend a lot of time prospecting for new team members & customers on Facebook, hoping to make the right connections, find the ideal recruit, have the next dynamic leader on our team.

Now while we spend many hours a day doing this, we also get prospected ourselves, some people are great at it, others are, quite frankly, giving the industry a bad name!​

Prospecting On Facebook - How To Do It

But prospecting on Facebook isn't a skill taught in most network marketing companies. Most are taught to make a list of family & friends, show them the products & comp plan, and you will have people begging to join you! 

Hows that working out so far? For me, doing this used to be my worst nightmare, and I quickly ran out of people to talk to, and I no longer wanted to alienate family members, or approach people from school I hadn't really spoken to in over 30 years! ​

So is there a better way?

Prospecting on Facebook, the EASY way

To be honest, when I started prospecting on Facebook, I was awful at it! Although I didn't just send our links off straight out the gate, looking back at some of my past conversations, they were dreadful! 

But hey, we all gotta start somewhere!

So, I invested in myself, Time, Money & Energy into learning these skills, finding out how other leaders did, taking in the trainings they were giving every week.making notes, then implementing it! 

The result, just outstanding! 

Prospecting people is now much more fun, I connect with people on a deeper level so much quicker, and also root out those who really are just wasting my time.

Want to know how we do it? Watch the video below.

Learn how to prospect the RIGHT way, You'll never be short of team members & customers! #prospecting

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Our #1 Tip When Prospecting On Facebook!

If you'd like to know more about the system we use, where we have all of the training for prospecting at our fingertips, along with all of the tools & trainings to make your online business a huge success, check out our 10 day trial <HERE> 

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