How to handle copycats.

It’s an important point because copycats are just about everywhere online.

Even offline, if you’re successful, you’ll have copycats.

So how should you handle it if someone rips off your stuff and passes it off as theirs?

Dealing with copycats

It Happened To Us – Big Time…

Let me tell you, a few years back we got royally ripped off in another business we were building at the time and I lost the plot.

To say I was mad was an understatement because the person doing it had been so unbelievably devious and manipulative that my sense of justice just had to be pacified!

So what did I do? Exactly what I shouldn’t have done which was tie myself up in confrontations for the next few weeks and completely distract myself from what I should have been doing – building my business!

My advice? Take a little time to be angry (I recommend no more that 30 minutes.) Process your anger and channel it into being better at what you do than the person trying to copy you.

Be soooo good and so individual going forward that everyone will know that the source of the great content had to be from you.

Why The Issue Exists

The issue is that, especially in the online business space, there are essentially no new ideas or lessons.

Everyone who is successful online right now learned what they know from someone else, who learned it from someone else, and so on.

Most of the principles we’re learning today hail back thousands of years…they’re not new, they’re just new to us!

Still, if you’re going to copy someones words or an image, or even an achievement and pass it off as your own, courtesy dictates that you give the source of where you learned it from credit for creating the content for you to learn from.

Remember, to flourish in the business world, especially online, you’ve got to be a relationship builder.
Sometimes your reputation is all you have and if you’ve annoyed someone else in the industry by copying their stuff and passing it off as yours, well sooner or later thats gonna come back and bite you in the tuckas!

It’s far better to recycle information and training principles with your own words and personality.

Remember, people are joining YOU in your business. Sure the information that you’re sharing will be valuable to them but there are probably a thousand others out there with that same information.

What they don’t have is the you factor.

I remember hearing Chris Ducker say this. He was worried that any message he could spread had been heard before, but he decided that no-one else could be him. He would bring something unique to the message – his personality. Now look at him!

So to summarise, if you’re sharing other peoples content, don’t be that guy or gal that tries to pass it off as your own. Give credit to the source. It really doesn’t take anything away from you.

In fact it makes you look more authentic and genuine, and that’s a very rare commodity that people place a huge value on when looking for someone to work with.

And conversely, if you do get copied, remember, it’s part and parcel of being successful.
Don’t get caught up in retribution that will take your focus off of building your business.

You need to become obsessed with being the best YOU that you can be. That’s how winning is done (Rocky rip off!) I hope Sly Stallone doesn’t come after me for borrowing that one!

Check out the video below to hear what Sam has to say about Copycat marketers.

Final thought: Having someone copy your work can actually make you better and more focussed that you ever could be if you were left to your own devices.

You’ll get mad at first, but you’ll probably thank that lazy copycat later.


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Samantha Harradine

Samantha Harradine

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