Our 5 step Daily Action Plan

I get it, Life is so darn busy that sometimes it gets to late afternoon, you look back at your day & think ‘What the heck did I get achieved today?

You feeling me?

I hate days like that, so wanted to share with you our inside secret to help us stay on track every day, and make sure we keep moving forward, get results, and live the life WE create, using our 5 step Daily Action Plan.

Now the first thing to note is that it’s just 5 steps… Doesn’t seem a lot does it.

But like Jim Rohn said, It’s easy to do, and easy NOT to do!

I’m going to be laying it out for you. Whether you decide to do it or not, now that’s up to you.

But don’t be upset with results you didn’t get by actions you didn’t take!

So, are you ready to come with me on our daily journey with me?

Discover our 5 step Daily Action Plan we use every day to make sure we get daily results in our business!

Buckle up, it’s going to be fun!

#1. 10 Minutes a day. Visualisation / Meditation.

We do this first thing in the morning. Before my feet hit the floor, I take time out to visualize my future, stepping into that vision, so much so that it sets my cells on fire, because if my mind believes it’s already happening, my brain will figure out a way to make it happen!

Visualise your day ahead, your week ahead, the goal you are striving for, how it will feel when you hit that goal, act as if, in your mind, it’s already happened.

This is POWERFUL!!!

The goal here is to put yourself in a grateful, abundance state first thing in the morning & remain there all day!

#2. 15 Minutes a day. Personal Development

Now this is fun! I love to read, so taking 15 minutes a day to read something that will stretch my mind & push my thinking is a great part of my day! Personally, I OD on this part!

I read for at LEAST 15 minutes every night before bed, but I also make a point of
listening to a pod cast, an audiobook, or motivational video every morning when I’m getting ready. Just 15-20 minutes can set the tone for the rest of the day!

This activity can be squeezed into the pockets of time you have during the day that you would normally end up just scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed!

Listen to these podcasts, audiobooks whilst driving, while waiting outside the school to pick your kids up, while shopping, doing housework, in the queue at the post office.

You get the idea!

Filling these little pockets of time with personal development will have a huge impact on your mind for sure!

#3. 1 Hour a day. Learn Something New

Learn something new that will increase your value to the market place… Every Single Day!!

If you’re doing this, you are going to be growing your mind every day, and have so much content to give back to your audience, you will NEVER run out of ideas for blog posts, Videos, social media posts & email content, ever again!

Not sure where to get content? Check out our past blog on where to find great content ideas

#4. Execution.

Typically, this is the part most people skip!!

Say Whattttt!!

Yup, people get so caught up on the learning, it’s like they become addicted to it. And you know why?

Because learning is SAFE!!

All the while you’re learning, you’re never failing. You’re never having to put yourself out there in front of others, you’re ‘Safe’ in your office behind your laptop… And this is where a LOT of wannabe entrepreneurs stay, and then scratch their heads wondering where it all went wrong!

Knowledge without execution is worthless.

So if you’re going to skip this part, you may as well skip #3 too.

But seriously, if you’re going to make it in the online world, You wanna pay close attention to ALL 5 steps, and don’t miss any! The knowledge you gain from step 3, turn into your content & execute!

#5. 2 Hours a day. Connecting & Networking with NEW people

I can hear you all sighing at this point, and can see you reaching to click off of this article!

How do I know?

‘cos I’ve been there!!

The thought of reaching out to people I didn’t know & making friends literally sent chills down my spine!


This activity is for 2 hours… So you gotta think that this is quite an important part of the process.

It’s THE most important part, as it’s THE money making activity!!

And without money coming into your business, you’re soon gonna be outta business!

So NEVER skip this part!

It’s the people out there that are going to buy your products, services, offers, it’s your ‘Job’ to go out there & find people who are in pain, and NEED what you have to offer!

How can you know what people need if you aren’t talking to them & connecting with them?

These people you are connecting with TODAY will become your loyal followers, and in turn, the people who are more likely to buy from you!

So if you’re looking to make money in your business, and make it FAST, you want to be getting out there & connecting with people, being the person who has the solution to their problem, and helping them to achieve THEIR goals!

So there you have it, Again, easy to do, easy not to do, but these 5 steps were designed by some of the top leaders in the online industry, and have been key to our success for sure!

You can read more about prospecting in our blog here

If you’d like to learn even more about where to find material for your ‘learn something new today’ step, or if you want to know more about how & where to connect with new people, what to say, and how to offer your business opportunity or services, step inside of our inner circle!

Inside our inner circle, your 5 Step Daily Action Plan is ready as a printable PDF, ready for you to print out & keep close by!

Everything is on hand for you do simply walk through these steps every day, and you’ll be in our inner circle, where you will get direct access to Steve & I via our Facebook group, where we mentor our team, and hold weekly trainings too. Want in? PM me here & let’s schedule in a time to chat, Or grab your no risk 10 day trial with us here

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Good things come back to you when you share the love 🙂

We would love to hear in the comment section below your your daily action plan is, or if you’re going to start putting this one into practice!

Sam x

Samantha Harradine

Samantha Harradine

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