Facebook is dead…

Yup, you heard me!

The reach on your business page SUCKS!…unless you can afford to throw a crap tonne of money at ads.

Even then, they’ve changed all the rules around to make advertising and split testing ads harder than ever…Sheesh!

According to those stats that we all hate, your page posts only reach around 1-3% of your page likers…that to me is SHOCKING!

So people try to use their personal profile, but this has limitations.

Facebook’s funky algorithms come into play. You can’t even advertise on your profile, and you run the risk of annoying the heck out of people.

Hmmm…what to do, what to do..

There IS another way, one that we’ve been using successfully for over 5 years, one that has built us a nice 6 figure income with ZERO ad spend and a lot less stress!

Facebook Groups…Tada…Our secret weapon!

Now don’t get me wrong, when we started we made a lot of mistakes, but even so we still made a very healthy income from it.

5+ years later, with thousands of Dollars spent on educating ourselves on using Facebook groups, along with hundreds of hours learning and implementing this stuff, we’re ready to share it ALL with you guys!

Even our old pal Mr. Zuckerburg recently tipped his hat to the importance of using these groups, and a LOT of focus is being placed on them at FB-HQ, so now is the PERFECT time to get started with YOUR Facebook group.

Don’t know where to start…no problem.

We’re showing everything we know starting right with the A-B-C’s of how to build, grow, engage and monetise your Facebook group.

We release a new, no nonsense, no fluff training every week, as well as a weekly LIVE Q&A session for you to join us and pick our brains 😊

Want in?

Join us now while we still have a crazy low price of just £19.97 per month.

Right now you’re probably thinking…hmm, sounds OK but is it worth £19.97 per month?

And why should I listen to these guys anyway?

Do me a favour, go and check your FB stats for the day.

See how many of your audience got to see your posts.

Did you get ANY leads?

Did you make ANY sales?

OK, so let’s answer questioin #2, why you need to listen to us…

WTF Do We Know About It?

We’ve been building Facebook groups to support our online busineses for a few years now and can testify to their effectiveness.

We’ve been involved in a few different niches over the years and have even had group members follow us from one to another and are business partners with us to this day.


Because we’ve built a bond. Being in a group together can do that.

Groups build community, trust and loyalty.

Here are a some details of groups we’ve built…

Sounds Great, But I Don’t Know How To Run A Group…

Of course you don’t, in fact getting decent, helpful information on how to build a thriving Facebook group is actually pretty hard to find and courses are VERY expensive.

We know only too well!

That’s why we created our own Facebook group to teach people like yourself how to err…build a Facebook group.

It goes like this…

We’ll teach all we know about building an engaging Facebook group that will be like fishing from your own private lake, and ALL the fish have already told you they’re hungry!

You, as a business owner, get to help a lot of people – and of course get paid for your efforts.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering in the group:

* How to set up your group the right way and what settings to check.


* How to create the perfect name that instantly screams your value proposition and     how to reel in members with an irresistible hook.


* How to create and structure your rules and guidelines to save yourself A TON of stress and grief.


* How to structure your intro post for maximum engagement right from the get go (get this wrong and you risk having a group that never gets a pulse).


* How to welcome members in the right way to get them to open up.


* How to create amazing graphics for your group.


* The power of prompts and how to mix them up.


* How to make Social Media graphics for ALL your profiles in seconds.


* Growth techniques – How to use your group to grow your Email subscriber list.


* Scheduling tools – Which ones to use and which ones are crap.


* Live streaming to build your group – How often and what to say.


* How to structure a content calendar – your new best friend!


* Launches – Webinars – 5 day challenges and other money makers.


* How to set up guest live streams to position yourself as an expert by association.

And that’s just for starters…

So you’re probably asking yourself why we would share all of our group building secrets…right?

2 reasons

1 – We know how hard and expensive this information is to come by and we want to help as many people as possible to build their freedom using Facebook groups.

2 – We like money 🙂 – Hey, we shoot straight around these parts. This is a no BS zone.
If you want bullshit, jump back on your Facebook feed for a while.

Seriously though, we’ve kept the price super low considering the value we’re handing over and what a transformation this will make to your business.

Membership to our group and access to ALL our group trainings inside will run you just £19.97 per month.

We’ll be adding trainings once ever week with a live Q&A every Thursday.

Payment is handled through Paypal so it’s nice and simple and you’re completely protected by their customer protection policies.

If you come in and decide it’s not for you, no worries. You can cancel at any time.

Join us inside our private – members only group and discover the power of the Facebook secret weapon that was hiding in plain sight all along.

Click the button below to join and we look forward to welcoming you in.

See you on the other side…

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