A Little About Us…and Our Website

We’re Steve and Sam Harradine…


And the purpose of this website is to help you to get more leads, sales and partners in your online business.

We’ve filled it with some of our best training and resources to help you to ‘sharpen your chops’ as a marketer 😎

Our goal is to help you to understand what drives your clients to buy from you and help you to sell more products and services online without you ever having to come across as ‘salesy’ or desperate.

In the crowded and noisy space that the online world has become, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and build your following based around a value proposition.

We can guide you through the ‘online marketing maze’ and see you out the other side with your sanity intact!

Have you ever asked yourself;

“How can I attract more customers to me?”

“How can I make people listen to what I say?”

“How can I sign more people into my MLM?”

“What do I need to get started online?”

“I hate selling, how am I supposed to sell products to people?”

“Where should I be focussing my marketing?”

Then you’ve found the right place!

About Sam…

Sam is the Social Media expert. She lurves the Facebook (she actually loves just about all social media) but her passion is Facebook marketing.

Lead generation, prospecting, building relatonships and everything inbetween.

If you want to know how to build an audience, connect with that audience and then monetise it, Sam can walk you through exactly what you need to do in order to start being profitable.

Before we started our online business, Sam was a trained Nursery Nurse who would fill her days taking care of little thugs, I mean darling children who almost never bit or kicked her.

Sam’s focus these days is helping entrepreneurs and small business’ level up their Social Media game by working with them to get the best ROI for their time and money.

If you think your Social Media profile could benefit from a bit of attention from Sam then drop her a line and have a chat and she’ll see how she can help you to get your Social Media profiles working for you.

About Steve…

Steve likes to get his geek on when it comes to working online. Websites, SEO, making videos, in fact most things of a technical nature are what gets Steve’s pulse jumping.

He comes from a corporate background and was UK/Nordic sales manager for Western Digital (the hard drive people)

Since stepping out of the corporate shadows, as well as being the guy who built this site, Steve is obsessed with helping others to build their brand and sharpen their skills by using the latest techniques in email marketing, copywriting, blogging, as well as some pretty deep pshchological Jedi mind tricks.

If you’re in need of your own blog, Steve can help. Drop him a line and tell him what you need, or alternatively you can pick something from the shelf.

Connect with Steve and Sam on Facebook and let them know how you’d like to take your business to the next level.

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