Are you finding that your recent Facebook posts are falling on deaf ears?

With all of the latest changes in the FB algorithm, Facebook are showing less & less of our posts to our friends, in the hope we start paying via our business pages to get our content shown.

But we do have some tricks up our sleeve that could help you get around these changes & start showing up in more peoples feeds!

Our Top 5 Tips To Increase Facebook Engagement

We'll share 4 of our tips in our blog, and the last one is in our video! 

Try these tricks, and crank up that engagement! 

1. Ask a Question! 
It's a stone cold fact, that people just cannot scroll past a question being asked on Facebook without answering it! 

Get your audience engaging on your post by asking them simple A/B or Yes/No questions.

The easier you make it for them to answer, the more chance you have of them dropping a comment 🙂 

2. Make a Video.
Videos are one of the best ways you can connect with your audience, and will be sure to get the likes & comments coming in! 

Make them short, precise, and informative, and you'll get people watching until the end, and you'll be sure to get those likes, comments & shares on your video posts! 

3. Give Your Audience a Call To Action.
People love to be given direction, so make sure you put a call to action at the end of your posts!

For example

'If you enjoyed this, feel free to share'
'Like this if you wish you could be here'
'If you'd like to see our training, Comment 'Yes Please' Below!'

These kinds of 'calls To Action' are directing your audience to take the desired action you want them to carry out. 

Be bold! Ask for the likes, comments & shares, and I promise, using this method, you will get them! 

4.Offer something of value, ask them to comment below to receive it! 
Think about what your audience will need to help them in your business, you can find content to share with them (We have a whole catalogue of products & free trainings we offer our audience, you can see it all here)

Alternatively, you could create your own free giveaway in the form of an ebook. 
'WHATTTT' I can hear you all shouting at your screens.... "I couldn't do that' 
Yes you can!! Creating your ebook is a very simple process, can be done right there on your PC or laptop with no special skills or expensive programmes, and will bring credability to your brand!

We even have a Free Training on how you can create your own Ebooks... How cool is that!

Grab your FREE Training HERE 

Ask your audience questions. It's VERY hard for people to scroll past without answering! #engagement #socialmedia

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Tip 5. Watch Our Short Video For Our Secret Tip! 

If you'd like to get access to the tools & training we use to grow our business, Take a 10 day trial & see what's on offer! <CLICK HERE>

Hopefully you got value from this content. If you did, please feel free to share it on Social Media and drop me a comment to let me know what you liked about it.

Samantha Harradine

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